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Unpacking Game of Thrones S07E05

You know those moments you witness and you literally feel the tales gushing from them? The latest episode of game of thrones is filled with them. We have Cersei angling for her Daddy’s move, Sansa fighting her lust for power, Samwell getting bolder, Jon patting a fucking dragon, Davos with two charlatan adages in quick succession, Gendry meeting Jon and Dany developing some weird Chemistry with Jon — Incest Bruh? But it makes for a good match doesn’t it? Admit it, you love nut… While the biggest revelation of course flew over everyone’s head, I have another one of my theories after another research, just like I predicted Jon was Targaryen, a fair bit of time before it even became a possibility. Follow me…

In the years I’ve been watching Game of Thrones, I’ve come to appreciate their masterful maneuver of tempos to and for picture perfection and storytelling intrigue, You’re completely oblivious to significant drops in momentum because stories are usually gripping and something special is always in the offing — maybe not spectacular however.

In the aftermath of an eerie war for the last of the actual Lannisters, Dany became so worryingly ruthless with shades of her father obviously struggling to hide themselves. If something has Varys worried, it should have all of us worried. We do know one thing though; she’s a special girl who never gets carried away and more so, she’s got Tyrion in tow. Our bet is she’ll use that beautiful head on her shoulders. I can’t however vouch for Cersei’s death not being by fire. She’ll definitely burn, and I’ll be here to cheer the end of her stoic war mongering as plan to act like her father will backfire, and will almost certainly lead to her death. I don’t see her defeating Dany or a repeat of the Red Wedding.

On Sansa, she has always craved beautiful things in the words of her sister. Could we witness a usurping? I don’t think so. I think she’ll control it. Where things will get complicated however is when Jon goes beyond the wall for wights. Littlefinger will be in her ears, speaking in parables of the sweetness of power. I do however think Arya will be on hand to curb his appetite, maybe finally put his fucking head on a pike. Nevertheless, he seems to have them where he wants them, with Arya finding a scroll he wanted her to find.
According to several reports across the Internet, Arya found the scroll Sansa sent to Rob and her Mother from Season 1, claiming her father had offended Cersei and they should come bend a knee to Cersei. Arya wouldn’t take such impunity well for someone at the very top of her kill list. But how she could be so easily manipulated is my grouse. Let’s hope she sees Littlefinger for what he’s doing though, if not, the show runners might be pushing their boundaries of conflicts and betrayals — a core part of the show, but over-saturation could kill intrigue.

The Story of this episode however is the burgeoning love triangle between Dany, Jon and Jorah. It’s no secret that Jorah is in love with Dany. The bad part however is that girl predilection for attraction to handsome, brooding bad boys with Rugged looks like Jon is working its number on Dany. His confidence to touch her Dragon has definitely fanned the flames of romance, but credit to Jon, he’s playing it close to the vest, giving little away, but her eyes tell us all we need to know — she’s in love.

From her smiling at him post the dragon encounter, to the shock on her face when he broke the news of his intention to go beyond the wall, we could see the emotions of a woman falling HARD in love and boy, don’t I love it. The best part of course for this love triangle; the farewell scene at shore. Jorah kissing her hand, Jon masking his feelings as Dany longs for more of him, but couldn’t say. So much so, Tyrion now knows. Whoever scripted and directed this episode should try their hand at classic romance. Jorah looks back, Jon faces front, but Dany looks through him, for Jon. Love truly is in the eyes, but only this time, her lips showed more.

The Biggest Unfolding though is that of Jon as a Targaryen which is slowly picking up pace. Whatever happens, he’ll be the greatest winner in all these, if he doesn’t die.

The Revelation
When we talk of cinematic perfection, we should pick Game of Thrones as specimen for understanding. Did anyone notice what detail Sam might have missed out on as Gilly read? The annulment of a marriage and a remarriage? How could he have missed that? If only he knew what he’d just surrendered. Jon’s not just a Targaryen bastard, he’s a legitimate Targaryen, the true heir to the iron throne and that’s why the Drogon blinked after it was touched by Jon.

This episode leaves more intrigues than questions. The real questions will come on in the next episode and we’ll be here for those. However, we have some theories on future directions…

According to The Independent, a YouTube video posted by Game of Thrones thinks Bran is the Night King. Remember when the Children of Forest’s leader made White Walkers by plunging that stone in that man’s heart as Bran looked on in Season 6? Well the theory says a future Game of Thrones Episode sees Bran take over that man’s body, to prevent White Walkers from ever being made, as such stuck as the Night King. Their validation was that Season 6 conversation where Bran asks who the Children of the forest were at war with to need a weapon like a wight, to which they replied “You”. Although it seems a little warped for a reason, it’s a possibility. We’d give this one a yes.

Much like I predicted Jon was a Targaryen after some research work a year before it happened, I’m also gonna reveal Tyrion could also be a Targaryen after all. Why? Have you ever wondered why his Father hated him so much? Have you ever wondered why his Father hated the Targaryens so much? Have you ever wondered how Tyrion could touch the Dragons’ snout back in Meeren? Have you ever wondered why Dany trusts a would be enemy so much? His mother might have had an affair with Aerys Targaryen and he’s a bastard. Family ties are comical and mythical in manifestation. The show hasn’t gotten into that yet, but we’ll get there. Place some bets folks.

Could the 3 last living Targaryens ride the 3 Dragons into war? Smart money will be on that. Question is, with insinuations that Dany loses a Dragon to the Night King, who falls?

With these developments, that leaves the North open to new leadership, because Jon will be gone sooner rather than later. With Brandon utterly uninterested and possibly the Night King, Sansa might be in charge, but I sense she might die.Thus leaving Arya as Warden or King or Lady or whatever; She makes for a better ruler in my opinion.

Without a doubt, this episode is the most pivotal in a while. The risk however with the possible direction is over saturating coincidences and story lines with excessive intrigues where none is necessary, by trying to find purposeful endings for each major character. Keep it simple guys…

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